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Steven Hourmouzis is simply a crook, a thief and a liar and will refuse you any 100% Payment protection Plan on your payment for his rubbish, so you would NEVER be able to obtain a refund if you wanted one.  He has recently been reported to the FBI and a court action through the Federal Courts was the only way one recent Victim was able to get All his money back for Hourmouzis’s Worthless Systems. This is very recent and anyone wanting to Join in a Class Law suite against Hourmouzis is invited to do so. The Courts found all his business addresses to be Bogus and he claimed himself he was Destitute.  Further investigation found around $50,000 Australian Dollars in a bank account which is the proceeds from his scam on-line. Here is the Document with the official Reference number for you to check yourself.



Ask if he will place his products on eBay with a 100% refundable Money Back Guarantee for you to purchase?, take screen shots if he does( he has declined other buyers every time they have asked), and ask if its OK to pay using Paypal. HE will POINT BLANK REFUSE YOU! Because he knows once you have laid out several thousand dollars you will find that the guy is actually a scam artist and his products simply do not work like he claims.

We show you how this scam is done with a link to You-tube showing in part, a small proportion of the video showing how the scam is done. Genuine winner does not work, Avoid

He owns the following sites and should be avoided at all costs, he is an extremely well versed manipulator and fraudster and has been in prison for defrauding and scamming people.

Avoid these sites

Avoid this former imprisoned Fraudster, liar and cheat and see how he does his scams at

Avoid these sites

Avoid these message boards that are used and owned by Internet criminal Hourmouzis to lure you into purchasing a roulette computer

Read the site one of his former customers set up who paid over $5000 dollars for both systems and then did a little research on this guy.

Overpriced at several $2000 and fraudulent footage, this is how its really done:

Croupier Video 1 Croupier Video 2

This Fake system claimed to be devised by former   imprisoned internet Fraudster Steven Hourmouzis  ( you will know him by his fake name Stefano Hourmouzis) is a scam. Read about Steven Hourmouzis internet scam and how he tricked people and was tracked down by international Police, the FBI and imprisoned. Also check out Lawyer David Steinburgs site  The system idea at is actually free at: where Steven Hourmouzis actually stole the system idea from, yes, you have got it, he did not create anything but simply copied a free idea of someone else and put a price tag of $2000 dollars on it! It would only show a slight advantage if you had very poor staff who were spinning the ball and rotor consistantly( you would be very lucky to find such casino conditions today), but Steven Hourmouzis demonstates it himself spinning the ball and rotor consistantly to fool you into thinking it will work in a real casino environment.  Hourmouzis is simply influencing where the ball will land by releasing the ball and noting what number is opposite under a diamond. Then he notes the strike point. If its 7 pockets from his release number, he simply adds 7 pockets to his the number opposite when he releases the ball. This Would never happen in a real casino, staff are trained to mix up their spins! THIS IS WHY HE OFFERS NO 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE PROTECTION like eBay and Paypal.

As you can clearly see, he offers a $100.000 Guarantee and challenge if you claim his systems does not work, impressive, until you want your money back, only insults that you are a fool and idiot come back in emails or threats. Steven Hourmouzis shows footage that also looks impressive showing a massive profit without the aid of a computer claiming his magic patterns are predicting. DO NOT BE FOOLED, to experienced and knowledgeable casino personal and players, this is simple Dealer signature, in other words, he influences where the ball goes physically. Seasoned players know this and know to always place your bets after the Croupier releases the ball. It can be shown how to obtain the exact same edge easily without Stefano’s magical patterns over the whole footage at several experienced roulette vendors sites.

You will also be able to read a FULL REVIEW by one of his victims and see proof that they have the system along with Stefano (Steven) Hourmouzis court case for scamming people only 7 years ago and winding up in prison!

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