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Roulette computer video predicting early ( many spins before the ball drops) with half rotor and only one ball timing.
This is showing genuine fast spins with long decay of the ball and early predictions, many suppliers show footage of FAST DECAY balls, that is they only do a few spins and slow  down very quickly making it very easy to predict. Avoid these sellers.
Roulette computer video predicting with just 1/2rev of the rotor and 1 ball timing!

Transmitter pens for covert operations. All casinos supply pensandcardsfor free, so we use to modify the casinos own pens to diguise what our customers are doing. One casino operator in the UK ” GALA Casinos” change their pen designs and made them transparent to stop us!
Transmitter pen video 1
Transmitter pen video 2
Transmitter pen vide0 3
Can Casinos scan for our products with commerical  pocket detectors?
Pocket Casino Detectors failing to pick up our products!

Our early hearing aids from 2005

Video showing the slow removal of our hearing aid from the ear canal

Roulette mathematics

Free Roulette Mathematics

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