Again, another so called internet criminal( use to make illegal satellite cards) that sells using fake reviews, message board and forum lies to twist you into believing that his products are superior, if so, why not SELL THROUGH eBay and PAYPAL with a 100% REFUNDABLE PAYMENT PROTECTION PLAN! He has fooled some people in his site, and if they knew how basic his computers are and what they do, they would instantly ask for a refund. Its the reason this guy will not sell through eBay or Paypal and offer a 100% refundable guarantee, because once you have it, you will find that the product does not work on Modern wheels and Conditions like he claims. We have all his software given to us and we know it does not work at all in Modern Casinos. don’t take our word for it, the proof is that there is no 100% Money Back Guarantee or Protection Plan, so you are not covered when you find it does not work. If you want try these products, insist on paying through eBay and Paypal with a 100% money Back Guarantee, if they refuse, DO NOT PURCHASE, that will tell you its a scam!

This guy Miro Zirdum is on CenterLink Benefits in Australia, phone them and ask them!

So he’s no professional gambler like he claims.

Electronics where you do not need it so Miro Zirdum (FORESTER) can charge you for it, DO NOT BE FOOLED! AVOID THIS ELABORATE SCAM.

This relies on roulette speeds and ball speeds to harmonise together on tilted wheels in order for his system to work. Its a very pointless product as the basic principle relying on certain wheel speeds at very near the point of the ball finishing where you do not even need a computer to predict. The guy uses a well established known fact and tarnishes it and dresses it up in an electronics package to warrant charging you over a $1000! TO justify it further, he adds a formula developed by Mike Barnett to try and make further predictions. for years he has claimed his products are the best, but now has realised that his PRODUCTS predict way to late to be usable in a real casino where NO MORE BETS would be called before the prediction. It can work in certain conditions in badly managed casinos if you were lucky.

Before this he was bragging how he made illegal Satellite cards and boasted he made $12,000 dollars a year? Well if that’s the case Miro Zirdum, why did you not use your ownroulette computers that you keep claiming are the best that’s ever been developed?

When you look at the FACTS, this guy has not developed anything, he’s taken other peoples knowledge and dressed it up with electronics because hers not that good at working out his own mathematics.

We see chancers and liars come and go like this, short lived because they are scamming people and have nothing themselves. They will knock competition to gain sales,set up elaborate Forums and message boards to fool you.

Its created him a very big problem and now he has released his acrobat system to pick the best solution. This is fatal, wheel timings and epsecially ball timings can change and he relies heavily on his customers creating data bases of revolution times of the ball and rotor.  WE know his products would work in certain conditions( A COMPUTER WOULD NOT BE NEEDED FOR THESE CONDITIONS) , but we will release a graph showing that prior to his acobat addtion, his computers would have a 50/50% percent chance of winning, but his unsuspecting customers would not know why, but he does!  On his own wheels or videos where everything remains the same, same conditions repeatedly, his system appears to work, but in the real world, it can fail as much as it wins and the user would not know why! anyone interested in further understanding with graphs to prove can email me direct at

HIs site myrulet has hundreds of posts made by himself under different names to promote his rubbish.

I were sent all of his programs FOR FREE from several of his customers that have found it to be a scam and not work like he says it works. He pretends to be every ones friend for OBVIOUS reasons, he wants your money, DO NOT BE FOOLED!

 These were given by a user of Foresters products to Mark Anthony Howe

at after finding Mark howes products

to be more effective at


An email from one of Foresters Customers .

Dear Professor Mark Howe

I have tried many of Foresters programs and believed what he told me, its complete bollocks and lies. His programs ONLY work on his videos, not in the casinos. When I bought your computer it worked on all Miro Zirdum’s videos and other sellers videos. Many customers talk behind his back with each other, none are making money, only make belief characters on his forum that write like Forester. But the best was when for the first time I won in the casinos using a device and it was the first time I felt confident, it was your device Mark, and for only £99 it was a professional device that WORKED!

Keep up the good work.

My friend will be ordering from you shortly .