the best supplier by far!

The Team at are totally trustworthy, they allow half payment upfront until you are satisfied and will give you a full days tuition if you are willing to pay for their time and travel to them in the UK.

They are the only suppliers of such equipment that wear their products on their sleeves, they show their sales 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK from Customers, they sell Through eBay and Paypal offering a full no conditional money Back Refundable Guarantee! That means if they refused to pay your payment back, eBay would simply take the payment direct from their bank account and pay you back! This gives you a full 100% PAYMENT PROTECTION PLAN that no other seller could offer and tell you that they are totally trustworthy! Check their Feedback yourselves!

read the reviews relating to Roulette computer sales. .

Ebay Feedback for ID roulettecomputers Click here

No other vendor does this!This is the first thing you should be aware of when purchasing a roulette computer device, it it works like the vendor claims, they would allow a percentage of the payment upfront and receive the full kit and pay the rest once they are happy with the device. is the only company that does this and they were the first commercial roulette computer supplier in the world with over 20 years experience in the business. They invented the single switch operating system, make the worlds smallest hearing aid( )and also transmitter pens for covert operations.

To contact click on this link and fill out their contact details or email Prof:  Mark Anthony Howe Esq Directly

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Roulette computer video predicting early ( many spins before the ball drops) with half rotor and only one ball timing.
This is showing genuine fast spins with long decay of the ball and early predictions, many suppliers show footage of FAST DECAY balls, that is they only do a few spins and slow  down very quickly making it very easy to predict. Avoid these sellers.
Roulette computer video predicting with just 1/2rev of the rotor and 1 ball timing!

Transmitter pens for covert operations. All casinos supply pens andcards for free, so we use to modify the casinos own pens to disguise what our customers are doing. One casino operator in the UK ” GALA Casinos” change their pen designs and made them transparent to stop us!
Transmitter pen video 1
Transmitter pen video 2
Transmitter pen vide0 3
Can Casinos scan for our products with commercial  pocket detectors?
Pocket Casino Detectors failing to pick up our products!

Our early hearing aids from 2005

Video showing the slow removal of our hearing aid from the ear canal

Roulette mathematics

Free Roulette Mathematics

How To Spot a Scam?

Its simple really, offer to ONLY PAY a small deposit( say 50% like we allow you to pay) for the equipment until you have tried it yourself with a full 100% PAYMENT PROTECTION COVER BY SUPPLYING IT THROUGH eBay and PAYPAL TOGETHER, that means if you are not happy it works within 14 days of trying it, then we will give you a full 100% refund guaranteed, if we don’t, eBay will and you can leave us bad feedback! That’s how confident we are!

WHAT WE DO                             WHAT FRAUDULENT OPERATORS DO


Even if you have the privilege of seeing a demonstration, this could be set up using optimum conditions to fool you that are easy for a roulette computer to look impressive, but when you have tried it on your own footage, roulette wheels or in the casinos, you find out that for some unknown reason it does not work nearly as good as the product you paid several thousand pounds for. Make sure tht the supplier allows you to try the device yourself and tilt the wheel yourself whilst the vendor is asked to leave the room. See if the vendor can still beat the wheel when he enters the room, see how long it takes him. Change the ball, take your own roulette ball too! If the product can still beat these totally new conditions then the vendors product is genuine.

If the Roulette computer seller wants the whole payment upfront, then its more likely a scam and once you have parted with your money, it will be pretty difficult to obtain a refund, if not impossible. Especially from Australia, you have no buyer protection there whatsoever!

Read an example of a famous well known former imprisoned Fraudster Steven Hourmouzis who scams people and read the reviews of his victims and that they are all asking him to give them a refund under is so called 200% refundable guarantee, so be warned people, NEVER EVER PART WITH SEVERAL THOUSAND POUNDS IN GO FOR SUCH EQUIPMENT!


All electronic device’s, including chips can have a code in them so they will only run for a certain length of time,  this is very easy for mobile phones, personal pocket computers, and micro controller chips. This means the seller has a chance to allow the purchaser the use of such equipment for a certain time and evaluate its effectiveness in the REAL WORLD before parting with the full amount of the cost!

Check the new key fob roulette computer, it fits in the palm of your hand and can be used easily in the casinos! It alsoworks on some online casinos.

This second video is showing a VB Roulette computer similar to the RADICAL Key Fob, we are using a PDA running similar software we have placed on a pocket remote Keyfob that fits in the palm of your hand. We do not disclose footage of our Key Fob computers openly to the public for obvious reasons or how they exactly work. But you can see all the predictions are indicated by pointing my finger to the prediction prior to the ball falling, which proves conclusively that the footage is genuine. As you can see, only a few clicks are needed to make the prediction and set the software up, simple to use, powerful and effective! These were developed using genetic algorithic software.

This vendor is the only person that invited Newspapers ,scientists and mathematicians to come and view his products. A successful demonstration was given to the Guardian Newspaper.

He makes his own Hearing aids, transmitter Pens and second player Bluetooth hybrid transmitters. He is Several times cheaper than any other seller and has positive feedback on Ebay where he sells for only a few hundred dollars rather than several thousand and allows you to pay rent per month on the product, proving he is genuine.CLICK HERE TO CHECK  EBAY FEEDBACK!

The real videos showing setting up and what IS REALLY INVOLVED USING ROULETTE COMPUTERS!
Video instructions ( to Practice along with showing computer beating full sized roulette wheel)

Also here is a good example playing a semi tilted wheel for you to download including setup and play mode which is the most common conditions you will find in a casino. Do not be fooled by people presenting videos where it apparently seems like their computer works extremely well, they are choosing the best cut of footage and have methodically setup everything to impress you to take your money!. We on the other show exactly what to expect setting up and what can go wrong. Basically the truth. We show calibration THROUGH OUT and show Raw results using a computer.





Check his other sites:

Here is a picture of a batch of hundreds of Transmitter pens and receivers for roulette prediction, clearly indicating the massive market place this vendor has. The Black Pen was from his personal play in Switzerland some years ago. This is highly specialist equipment made on a massive scale indicating a reflection of his wealth and vested interest in developing roulette accessories.

Marks Howe’s hearing aid designs are clearing radical with mechanical debris removers incorporated into them and will last all day on one battery! All other suppliers use Cheap chinese hearing aids that last only minutes and are no use for real casino play.